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Safe Needle Disposal Program

Discarded needles and needle debris are a challenging issue for many communities. There are various reasons people use needles, whether for specific health conditions or people dealing with addiction. We are committed to working with the Region of Waterloo to help ensure that our residents have access to safe disposal for needles and that needle debris is cleaned up safely and efficiently.

The cleanup of used and discarded needles on public property is a shared responsibility between municipalities and the Region. Regional bylaw officers clean up and dispose of needles on public property, such as laneways, streets, boulevards and sidewalks.

City of Cambridge staff are trained to safely clean up needles in our city parks, trails and around our facilities. Trained Cambridge Core Area Patrol (CCAP) officers also pick up needles if the needles are found in our public property in core areas. We also have sharps containers in our facilities. Cambridge residents who find needles on their property may also contact the City for safe disposal.

For more information about what to do if you find a needle, or about this program,
please visit the City of Cambridge website:

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