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Cambridge Core Areas Patrol

The Cambridge Core Areas Patrol (CCAP) is part of the Core Areas Revitalization Strategy. The program, introduced in 1998, aims to increase the safety and policing presence throughout the three cores of Cambridge: Downtown Cambridge, Preston Towne Centre and Hespeler Village. Funding for the program is shared among the City of Cambridge and the three core Business Improvement Area Associations – Galt on the Grand BIA, Preston Towne Centre BIA and Hespeler Village BIA. Galt on the Grand BIA is the service provider and manages all aspects of the CCAP program.

The program runs from the long weekend in May and concludes Thanksgiving Weekend. Working together with local authorities such as Waterloo Region Police Service, patrollers traverse downtown streets on bike and on foot, providing downtown visitors and merchants with a greater sense of comfort and security. In addition, patrollers act as goodwill ambassadors for the City of Cambridge; are proactive in safety education within our community regarding cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading; provide education and give earnings for CCAP enforceable by-laws (dogs off leash, drinking in public, etc.). CCAP patrollers are First Aid and CPR certified.

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