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Ceiling Fans can provide style and comfort as well as illuminate a room. For most home owners, comfort is the primary reason for installing a ceiling fan. To achieve the maximum performance and comfort, the ceiling fan must fit it's application.

Here are some basic elements to consider before selecting a ceiling fan.

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Fan and Room Sizes

Types of Mounting Systems

Down Rod Selection

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  Ceiling Fan Size Chart     Fan and Room Sizes

When choosing a ceiling fan for your application, you must first consider the size of your room to determine the size fan you need. Measure the room where the ceiling fan will be mounted and use the diagram to the left to determine the ceiling fan size. The blade sweep refers to the measurement from blade tip to blade tip. Larger ceiling fans are required for larger rooms to provide effective air circulation.


  Types of Mounting Systems

Cooling effects are maximized when ceiling fans are mounted approximately 7�-8� from the floor. There should be no less than 10" of space between the ceiling and the blades. To determine which mounting system is right for you, consider your ceiling height.

There are four types of mounting systems available:

Standard Mount typically features a 4� down rod lowering the fan slightly from the ceiling.

Extended Mount utilizes down rods to lower the ceiling fan from the ceiling down to the ideal 7�-8� from the floor. These mounting systems are used with ceilings iq option x download of higher than average height. (9� and higher)

Flush Mount anchors the fan flushes against the ceiling. This mounting system is best suited for ceiling of lower than average height. (Under 8�) Ceiling fans with this type of mount are also known as huggers.

Sloped Mount enables fans to be installed or angled on vaulted ceilings. There are some variations in the pitch limitations from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please check the angle of your ceiling to ensure the mounting kit is appropriate for the pitch of your ceiling.

    Ceiling Fan Mounting Chart

This chart provides a quick reference for your application


  Down Rod Sizing Chart     Down Rod Selection

For tall ceilings where the extended mount is required, a down rod will lower the fan to the optimum height. The chart to the left illustrates the down rod selection. If your ceiling height is 12 feet, you will need a 36 inch down rod to lower the ceiling fan approximately iq option x 8 feet above the floor.

Down rods are available in 1/2 and 3/4 inch inside diameters. Check with the manufacturer to see what size down rod is required for your fan.



How to Select a Ceiling Fan